Howling Monthly

Mystic Jagger’s Howling Monthly
In modern times, as women, as the fierce + magical creators we are, we have lost touch and connection with our true primal desires. We have lost our connection to our roots, to our spiritual and higher self! We have become energetically clogged and stuck! Scraping the bottom of the barrel is just not good enough anymore, as if it ever was!!
Mystic Jagger’s Howling Monthly is an honoured way of devoting that sacred self care time,
that you absolutely deserve! Receiving a Full Ritual of your choosing every single month to enchant and tap into that other worldly element I know is in there! Allowing yourself the time to receive, allowing yourself the time dedicated to unpack your little box of Herbal Ritual Magick. Immersing yourself in your botanical bath potion as you sip on your herbal tea, knowing that you are safe and protected by the energy that encapsulates you! That your magical
herbal potions are healing and soothing you from the inside out! Connecting you to the divine, through their magical properties and blessing of Reiki Master Energy before they take flight from the Apothecary.
If only one night each month, under the Full Moon, New Moon or evening of your choice, you know in your soul that you will have that dedicated time to recuperate + reconnect! Honouring + worshipping that part of yourself that has been forgotten about all this time! Allowing your body + soul to drift away to your own mystical world where you can be your raw, unfiltered self!
Where you can howl under the moon, use her energy to fill your life with manifested dreams + desires! And most importantly feel like the real you again!
Now, I know all to well how going to a new journey of any kind never mind meeting parts of you you never have can be oh so daunting but this is no reason not to explore yourself and cherish that beautiful soul of yours. Included in your Howling Monthly experience you will also gain private access to the ‘Keep Howling Coven’! This little page is only available to Howling
Monthly Members who are on their Ritual Magick journey just as you are! In this way I can ensure it is the most sacred and safe space possible. To allow you to feel free and liberated as the true wild woman you are! I will be sharing many more live interactions than on my main page, I will have lots of guest speakers on here to inspire and add as many ingredients to your cauldron on your journey, and ofcourse a space where you can ask questions and meet fellow wild
women alike! Through this intimate little page, I can support you in a way that is so much more than just purchasing a Ritual on it’s own! It is a journey we on!
Within your Howling Monthly, you will be sent a link each month to group zoom call with meee and all the other Wild Women!!! It is a dedicated time for me to interact, to get to know you beautiful souls on a deeper and more meaningful level. Here I can answer any questions you have in a more personal and private setting! Guards down, hearts open, hands held! You absolutely deserve to Enrich your life with Herbal Magick + Ritual Practise dear one! You
MATTER so much more than you know! And it’s time you cherished YOU! I am beyond honoured to be even the smallest part of your Ritual Journey and I will be forever grateful you Wild + Wonderful soul!

Shipped on the 1 st of every month
Full Ritual Box – Organic hand blended herbal Potion coming in the form of a herbal tisane, matching bath potion + non toxic hand rolled incense (you will receive a reminder email each month for you to choose, or indeed you will receive a surprise Ritual from the Apothecary)
Sacred Access to the Keep Howling Coven
Monthly Zoom Call with Me!

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Mystic Jagger