121 Ritual Coaching



As a qualified Life Coach + Reiki Master Teacher the element of Ritual has became a massive role in not only my own life but the lives of my customers and clients! It can be tricky to know where to start! What is a Ritual? When do I do it? Is there a right time? What do I need? Where do I begin?
In the 121 Ritual coaching sessions we work through all of the above and develop the best ritual practise for you! What are your desires? How to set intentions, How to harness the moons energy, how to self heal + what areas of your life you wish to bring a little more magick into! We will delve into how to use the products purchased and ways you can implement Ritual into your everyday life. We will also explore the areas of your life you wish to change and let go of!
121 Ritual sessions can be for the absolute beginner looking to implement Ritual into their life or for the more experienced individual looking to gain a deeper perspective on how they would like to change their life!
Each session will be held over zoom, facetime or whatever method of video chat works for us both! The sessions can be held in either half hour or 1 hour slots!

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