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Welcome to Mystic Jagger

Hello My Fellow Wild Souls! I’m Alana the owner + creator of Mystic Jagger! It brings me the most magical of miracles that you are here on this journey with me!

Mystic Jagger was born on Mabon of 2020, after many years of cultivating, nurturing + loving her into existence! After a powerful dream on a Full Moon... it was time!

In this little utopia of an Apothecary, I use Ritual Magick + Practice to help guide you on your journey to reconnect to yourself + Mama Earth! Mystic Jagger is a little magical place where you are given full permission to be exactly yourself! To rewild, to reintroduce yourself, to your true undiluted, howling, divine feminine ways! A place where I help guide you to give yourself absolute permission to relish in sacred self love and care time! A place where guilt and shame of not loving yourself exactly as you are, are challenged, held and dissolved. Where we will help you to see how absolutely worthy you are of every droplet of time + magick you choose give to yourself!

From the tinniest of cubs, I felt the deepest connection to animals, Mama Earth + all things ‘other worldly’. Becoming known to loved ones and even school teachers as ‘Willow the Wisp’. As this little teenie bud, wandering the forests and moors of the Scottish farmlands I lived on as a child, I always felt the most intense pull towards the spirit world, folklore and of course witchcraft.

I had often at times, became very cautious of the knowing’s I felt, before realising later on in life, I’d practised the craft in many ways as a child and young adult without even knowing, as I’m sure so many of you will have too!

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In 2013, after leaving a very challenging relationship, I experienced a life-altering car accident where I suffered from a physical injury and quite the icing on the cake for my mental health too. When something was sparked within, a deep longing to become whole once again. I was formally introduced into the world of Reiki + Witchcraft for my own healing and for the first time, I finally felt I had arrived home! I had arrived ‘BACK’ home to Mother Earth.

After many years of research, education in many forms + what feels like mountains of spiritual development, (Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Past Life + Ancestral Healing, focusing on trauma, sexual trauma + shame, Counselling/Coaching, Aromatherapy + Herbal Healing) I am now a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Energy Healer and proud practising Witch, following the craft in a way that I am guided to! I draw so much loving energy + gratitude from helping + guiding other souls on their path to enlightenment + experiencing pure joy in their everyday life as we all deserve! The magick of the craft is we all have own paths and there’s never a ‘wrong’ way!

Throughout my own healing journey, the mystical and magickal ways of our moons cycles and the wise women who came before us, living from the lands, leaning in to the ancestral pull. Delving into traditions of folklore + folkmedicine, learning the traditional celtic practises, dabbling only slightly in the complex world of herbalism, practising Ritual + Moon Magick to heal ourselves back to abundance, became my greatest + only true love!

I love everything about Ritualistic behaviours, from creating the sacred space, choosing the magical herbs + tools for healing, writing spells and mantras, connecting with the divine and mostly importantly coaching others on their journey of rewilding!

From this deeply profound passion for potion + remedy creation, rituals, natural healing + supporting others on their journey to loving themselves for exactly as they are, Mystic Jagger Apothecary was born!

I have created 5 blends of magical herbal potions that I have used ‘ritualistically’ to soothe reconnect + find me again with! Each coming in the form of a full ritual box including an organic herbal tea with matching bath potion. Treating the body + soul as a whole, from the inside out.

Each potion is blended with ethically sourced organic herbs and salts, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil + blessed with Reiki Master Energy incorporating Celtic traditions and techniques. I blend each Potion on energetically charged celestial events, harnessing the power of the moon and our universe for a little extra droplet of magick!

Each one of Mystic Jagger’s Potions support the physical, emotional + magical elements of our soul, as the perfect addition on our journey of self-healing + connecting with the true essence of who we are outside of the day to day!

Sharing each Ritual, Potion + Remedy with you comes from the purest place of gratitude + hope! With every ounce of magick I have in me, I truly hope that Mystic Jagger Rituals + Potions can bring you as much comfort + healing as they have for me over the years! You so truly deserve to worship and love yourself completely as you are Wild One! And I am here to shout it until you believe me!

Mystic Jagger is a place where ALL are welcome + accepted! I personally and professionally do not support any negative practises! We work in a non judgemental, congruent + ethical way in all that we do! At the end of the day we are all just trying to do our best to make the world we live in a better place and everything is always better sprinkled in magick!

Magical Miracles!

A x

‘Never Allow One Cloud Too Conceal A Sky Full Of Stars’