Our Ethos

In all that I do, I do my very best to live in harmony of the True Reiki Principles of:

Just for today

I do not worry

I do not anger

Earn my living honestly

Be greatful for my blessings

Be kind to every living thing

I ask you to join me in these principles as you are guided!

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Our Values

Here in the Mystic Jagger Apothecary, our mental, physical, emotional + spiritual well being are absolutely paramount! And that means taking care of Mama Earth too!  All our ingredients used in our potions, rituals and remedies are organic, ethically sourced and free from harmful chemicals! Our products are all naturally sourced from Mama Earth and ofcourse human + animal cruelty free!

As I have started this business as just one little Hedgewitch trying to make a difference, accepting that everything cannot be done all at once has been challenging for the perfectionist in recovery that I am but we are all here to do our best and be our best each day, even in the smallest of ways.

We aim that by 2022 we will be completely plastic + chemical free in ALL of our packaging, and that means even down to the teenie trace elements ie glue on stickers. Currently we are on track with this goal and it is only the very smallest of details that we cannot say are 100% plastic free but we will get there!! I am so grateful for your patience with this element as I know how much it means to you as it does to me!

Mystic Jagger is a place where all is absolutely Welcome + Accepted! This is a safe, non judgemental + congruent space where negativity to other humans + animals will just not be tolerated!

We are all here to grow and support one another!