Welcome to Mystic Jagger

Mystic Jagger was born on Mabon of 2020, after many years of cultivating, nurturing + loving her into existence!

In this little utopia of an Apothecary, I use Ritual Magick + Practice to help guide you on your journey to reconnect to yourself + Mama Earth! Mystic Jagger is a little magical place where you are given full permission to be exactly yourself! To rewild, to reintroduce yourself, to your true undiluted, howling, divine feminine ways! A place where I help guide you to give yourself absolute permission to relish in sacred self love and care time! A place where guilt and shame of not loving yourself exactly as you are, are challenged, held and dissolved. Where we will help you to see how absolutely worthy you are of every droplet of time + magick you choose give to yourself!

From the tinniest of cubs, I felt the deepest connection to animals, Mama Earth + all things ‘other worldly’, becoming known to loved ones and even school teachers as ‘Willow the Wisp’. As this little teenie bud, wandering the forests and moors of the Scottish farmlands I lived on as a child, I always felt the most intense pull towards the spirit world, folklore and of course witchcraft.

I had often at times, became very cautious of the knowing’s I felt, before realising later on in life, I’d practised the craft in many ways as a child and young adult without even knowing, as I’m sure so many of you will have too!