Witchcraft, Ritual Magick + Rewilding The Soul

Using the ‘Old Ways’, Celtic Witchcraft Traditions, Harnessing The Power Of Mama Earth + The Moon’s Magick, We cultivate Organic Herbal Potions + Rituals Blessed With Reiki Master Energy In Our Apothecary, Nestled Amongst The Moors + Forestlands Of Ayrshire.

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Merry Meet Fellow Wild Ones! I’m Alana, the owner + creator of
Mystic Jagger

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I truly value and understand the importance of deeply personalised guidance on your spiritual journey. 

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Shop our online Apothecary and browse our blends organic herbal rituals, potions, remedies + candles

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Welcome to Mystic Jagger

‘Over many years of wildcrafting herbal potions + implementing ritual practise into my daily life, harnessing the moon’s energy and healing from the inside out, I've been called by the Howl from our wild woman ancestors to share the magick with you wild + wonderful souls! I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you on this mystical journey with me!’

From my Apothecary, nestled amongst the Ayrshire moors and forestlands, I handcraft Organic Herbal Potions + Remedies in the form of Rituals to take you on a journey of rewilding + reconnecting back to your innate wild woman within!

In today’s modern world, we have became out of balance with our true wild woman essence. Holding so much responsibility and trying to do it all ‘perfectly’. Over time, collectively, we have became exhausted. Losing touch with how to receive pleasure + kindness with honour + devotion to our true selves! It is time to cherish and worship ourselves in sacred self care time! By practising ritual practice, we are not only healing ourselves as women, we are pathing the way for the women who come after us, to innately know that they are WORTHY of a life filled with passion, honoured desires, respect and most importantly, knowing how to Howl, exactly as they are!

Stay Wild + Keep Howling Witches! x


Each of our 5 blends of Rituals, come in the form of a herbal tisane with matching bath potion + handcrafted, non-toxic incense. In each Ritual, there is a little grimoire sharing the magical + physical properties of the potions. Guiding you gently on how best to use the Mystic Jagger Ritual of your choosing.

It was essential for me to only use ingredients that come naturally from Mama Earth + her helpers! All of Mystic Jagger’s products are handcrafted with organic, ethically sourced ingredients + cruelty free in all ways!

It’s time for you to cherish your soul, devote passionate, guilt free sacred self care time to yourself, for yourself! Through the use of Ritual Practise, our Organic Herbal Rituals + Potions and our Howling Monthly option, we are here to hold space + be that sacred safe place for you to grow beyond your wildest dreams! It’s time to Involk the Goddess! It’s time to re-awaken the sensual yearning desire for you to begin living in your divine feminine essence with pride + devotion to yourself! It’s time to step out of the shadows dear one and howl in celebration of who you are!

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